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Teeth-Whitening Procedures That Dentists Offer

While you may try a variety of home remedies and over-the-counter treatments to brighten your smile, you may be surprised at what a teeth whitening dentist in Toronto can do for you. Many people are self-conscious about their yellow or discoloured teeth. Teeth whitening has become a huge industry with a wide range of products…
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What Can an Emergency Dental Service Do For You?

You likely go to your dentist’s office at least a couple times per year, but there’s a good chance that you haven’t been to an emergency dental clinic in Etobicoke or your current city. That’s because, luckily, dental emergencies aren’t extremely common. However, when they do happen, you need to be prepared and know what…
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Princeview Dental Reacts to the Success of the 78th Annual Winter Clinic

Princeview Dental (, one of Etobicoke’s local dental clinics, is weighing in on the success of the annual Winter Clinic dental conference in Toronto. The Winter Clinic is the largest one-day dental conference in North America. Hosted by the Toronto Academy of Dentistry, this year’s conference was the 78th iteration of the exhibition and took…
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Do Halloween Candies Cause Cavities?

Halloween is the time of year for ghosts, ghouls, and creatures of the night, but the most horrifying threat of all may be tooth decay. While Halloween candies can be a tasty treat for kids, they can also lead to cavities and other dental problems. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate Halloween. Rather, by…
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