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Oral Health Day 2015 Reminder: 11 Dental Health Issues to Be Aware of

World Oral Health Day 2015 may have passed, but that doesn't mean that you should start to neglect your teeth. In fact, every provider of dental health services will tell their patients that every day should be an oral health day. Many oral health issues are easily preventable if you brush at least twice a…
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Factors That May Predict Severe Pain in Root Canals

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), March 27, 2015 – Princeview Dental (, one of Etobicoke’s premier dental clinics, is weighing in on a new study on factors that may predict severe pain in root canals for patients. The Journal of Dental Research just put out a study in which it’s claimed that certain patient characteristics can determine…
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Invisalign: How it Straightens Your Teeth

In the past, straightening one’s teeth involved braces. Between having the braces installed, keeping them clean, and any feelings of self-consciousness, it’s no wonder that many believe that having crooked teeth was a preferential alternative. Invisalign is a new system a dentist can use to straighten a patient's teeth while avoiding the discomfort and appearance…
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Sugar in Medication Increases the Risk of Caries

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), March 11, 2015 – Princeview Dental (, one of Etobicoke’s premier dental clinics, is responding to a recent study that analyzes whether the sugar present in medications increases the risk of caries in patients. The American Dental Association published an article last month in which they posed the question of what effect…
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