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The Dangers of Using Teeth as Tools

Toronto, Canada, September 22, 2015 – Princeview Dental, (www.PrinceviewDental.com), one of Etobicoke’s premier dental clinics, is weighing in on the dangers of using teeth as tools. The concept of “teeth as tools” refers to using teeth to open plastic bags and bottles, cut a thread, and other everyday tasks. For many people, this can become second nature. However, when teeth are used as a tool Continue Reading

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Study: Linking Poor Oral Health to Overall Health Concerns

Etobicoke, Canada, September 18, 2015 – Princeview Dental (www.PrinceviewDental.com), a premier dental clinic in Etobicoke, is weighing in on a recent study that reveals how oral health impacts an individual’s overall health. Published in the British Medical Journal, the study found that oral hygiene doesn’t just affect one’s teeth; if an individual doesn’t practice good oral health care, they may Continue Reading

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Princeview Dental Encourages Medication Disclosure to Dentists

Toronto, Canada, September 16, 2015 — Princeview Dental (www.PrinceviewDental.com), a dedicated family dental practice in Etobicoke, is alerting dental patients about the importance of providing their dentists with an updated medication profile to avoid adverse drug interactions. The importance of patient-dentist communication concerning medication disclosure was highlighted in a recent study published in the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association Continue Reading

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