8 Signs of Good Oral Health

Since we were young, we have been told to brush and floss our teeth at least twice a day for good oral health. We are constantly reminded to cut back on sugary products and visit a dentist at least twice a year. There are countless ads online for teeth whitening, devices to straighten teeth and enamel strengthening toothpaste. Having good oral health goes further than just being confident in your smile. Oral hygiene has both a direct and indirect impact on your overall health. Not to mention, it helps you to save money on costly tooth repairs and replacements.

Why Is Good Oral Health Important?

As for the importance of good oral health, we need to think of the mouth as the main entry point for bacteria. While most bacteria found in the mouth can be harmless, there are levels that can have an adverse effect on our respiratory and digestive tract. This is why proper care of the teeth and gums are important.

Regular oral hygiene can help prevent disease from forming as well as guard against tooth decay and gum disease. By maintaining a daily schedule of brushing and flossing the bacteria can be kept at safe levels to protect the body’s immune system.

Signs of Good Oral Health Hygiene

Our oral health can hold the key to uncovering minor and major health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Serious gum diseases are connected with these conditions as well as pregnancy complications.

Also, the salvia in our mouth is composed of enzymes, antibodies and hormones, which work as a defensive mechanism against harmful bacteria. In addition to the more than 500 types of bacteria within the mouth, a variety of fungus and viral species exist in the oral cavity.

When assessing your own oral health, there are signs of good oral hygiene to monitor as even a dazzling smile can cover potential dental issues. Here are some signs to look for.

No Bleeding When You Floss or Brush

With the use of the proper toothbrush and flossing technique, there should be no signs of blood in the sink. While too much force on gums can cause small droplets, regular brushing should not have bleeding develop. This can be one of the early signs of gum infection and/or gum disease. Without regular brushing and flossing, the gums can become infected with bacteria build up.

Natural and Firm Pink Gums

During brushing, take a close look at the gumline in your mouth. Good oral health is seen with pink-coloured gums that are firm upon touch. Any sign of redness or puffiness may be a sign of gum disease. Note any paleness of the gumline as this can detect an anemic condition. Also check to ensure the gumline is not receding and there aren’t any flaps, which could indicate more serious issues. If you are concerned about the colour of your gums, make a note to ask your dentist about this at your next appointment or if you have a specific concern or experiencing pain ask for an appointment sooner.

Pleasant and Fresh Breath

Bacteria can also lead to bad breath, which no one wants. Known as halitosis, bad breath can signal hidden food particles, or a dry mouth condition. A persistent odour can also indicate stomach issues or an infection within the mouth. If your breath is continuously pleasant without the use of breath mints, your oral hygiene is on the right track.

Healthy and Moist Tongue

Keep an eye on the colouring, texture, and overall appearance of your tongue. Good oral health produces a pink, clean, and smooth surface. A tongue scraper is another oral hygiene tool used to maintain a healthy mouth by removing the bacteria between the papillae (taste buds) of the tongue but don’t scrape hard. In addition, be aware of any changes including pain or whether any sores develop.

Strong and Smooth Teeth

An easy way to detect how healthy the teeth are is the ability to chew food without distress or pain. Good dental hygiene helps to maintain strong, white, and healthy teeth. Major discolouration of the teeth can be a sign of a dental problem. When running your tongue across the surface of the teeth, there should be a smoothness, not a gritty or rough sensation. An unevenness denotes tooth erosion or excess plaque.

No Sensitivity in Teeth

Good oral health means you are able to consume all your favourite hot and cold foods without sensitivity. The pain or discomfort when eating or drinking products with extreme temperatures can be unbearable. This occurs with deteriorated enamel, exposing the dentin layer, which can affect the root and nerves of the tooth. Certain prescription medications, food, and beverages can cause the enamel of the teeth to wear away. Maintaining good oral hygiene and frequent dentists visits can help prevent damage to the enamel.

No Sign of Gum Disease

No signs of receding gums, blood, pain, and loose teeth reflects a healthy dental state. Gum disease can cause these significant and permanent oral issues. Small changes to the mouth can include, but are not limited to, teeth appearing longer, tender gums and bad breath. Good oral health is important as it can prevent gum disease and tooth and bone loss.

A Bright and Beautiful Smile

A big, beautiful smile often conveys self-confidence and good oral health. This is true if the top and bottom jaw align properly. Chewing difficulties, pain and uneven teeth can be signs of a misaligned bite, sometimes caused by poor oral health. A smile that shows chipped or cracked teeth, stained and discolouration of teeth, and missing teeth can be perceived as lack of proper oral dental hygiene. Ask your dentist for routine treatments that can repair or eliminate these conditions.

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