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What Are the Signs of a Serious Dental Problem?

Oral health is vital to our overall well-being for both our physical and mental health. Common dental problems are often ignored or dismissed until we have our next scheduled dentist appointment. Unfortunately, signs of dental problems can worsen over time without prompt treatment. Whether the issue causes discomfort, sensitivity, or pain there is no dental problem that cures itself. In Continue Reading

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A Detailed Guide to Dental Veneers in Toronto

Etobicoke dentists treat a lot of different types of cosmetic dental issues including cracks and tooth decay caused by dental trauma, poor dental hygiene, or illness. Cosmetic issues like discolouration or misshapen teeth are also extremely common among adolescents and adults. Luckily, getting dental veneers in Toronto is a feasible solution to all of these problems. This detailed guide to Continue Reading

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5 Signs You Need a Root Canal

Media portrayals of root canals often show the procedure in a negative and undesirable light, as if it’s one of the most unbearable dental treatments a patient can get. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In a lot of ways these misconceptions about root canal treatment can do more harm than good by deterring patients who might actually need Continue Reading

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