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How to Get Rid of White Spots on Your Teeth

Perfectly white teeth are usually a sign of excellent dental health and disciplined at-home and professional dental care. But sometimes you might develop white spots or blotches on your teeth. Although white spots on your teeth aren’t necessarily a cause for concern, they may be a symptom of potential dental health issues like worn-out enamel. For the most part white Continue Reading

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6 Things You Can’t Hide from Your Dentist

Many patients don’t realize just how instrumental proper dental care is in their overall physical health, which is why fibbing, lying to your dentist or underplaying your oral hygiene habits can actually do more harm than good. You may be inclined to try to impress your dentist by stretching the truth a little about how well you actually take care Continue Reading

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5 Common Beverages That Are Destroying Your Dental and Oral Health

From the moment it enters your mouth everything you eat and drink has the ability to impact your physical health in some capacity, starting with your teeth. In fact, the state of your dental health is very telling about the state of your overall physical health. Certain oral health problems like abscessed teeth or infections can be linked to greater Continue Reading

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