Good News! Our Clinic Will Remain Open to Serve You with Strict Infection Control Standards

"The RCDSO has confirmed that health care providers, including dental offices, can remain open in all public health units declared to be in lockdown.
All current RCDSO enhanced guidelines are being followed in our office."

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Signs and Possible Fixes of a Tooth Decay Under a Crown

Dental crowns are an effective solution for restoring missing and damaged teeth. Unfortunately, dental crowns aren’t entirely impervious to tooth decay. Even if you take excellent care of your teeth, tooth decay can still occur. There are many reasons that tooth decay under a dental crown can develop. Poor or a lack of oral hygiene is one of the leading Continue Reading

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Periodontitis: Top Risk Factors and Vital Steps for Diagnosis

Generally speaking, taking good care of your oral and dental health should be as simple as cultivating a well-rounded at-home oral hygiene routine and getting dental checkups regularly. Sometimes, however, good dental hygiene habits can fall to the wayside or be ignored altogether. Failing to take care of your oral hygiene can have serious consequences, namely tooth decay and periodontitis. Continue Reading

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