Veneers FAQ

If you live in Toronto or Etobicoke and are considering getting dental veneers to help improve the overall look of your smile, then you may have some pressing questions. Here are some frequently asked questions about dental veneers that may be helpful to you.

1. What are dental veneers?

In cosmetic dentistry, dental veneers are protective porcelain covers placed over damaged or discoloured teeth to improve the look of your smile.

2. What are veneers made of?

There are two types of materials used to make dental veneers: porcelain and composite. Porcelain veneers are generally more expensive because they must be constructed in a laboratory and then sent back to the dentist’s office for instalment at a later date. Composite veneers, on the other hand, are less costly because they can be constructed and installed at the dentist’s office during your appointment.

3. How do I know if dental veneers are right for me?

Your dentist can determine whether dental veneers are the right cosmetic procedure for your specific situation after thoroughly examining your teeth and your oral health.

4. Do dental veneers look natural?

Yes, dental veneers should look completely natural as long as they are correctly and accurately constructed for your teeth.

5. Can I get veneers if I have gum disease or tooth decay?

You can’t get dental veneers if you have any pre-existing oral health conditions. Your dentist will need to treat and resolve these issues prior to considering dental veneers.

6. If I have veneers, will I get cavities?

Dental veneers don’t typically facilitate the development of cavities. As long as you practice good dental and oral hygiene such as brushing your teeth twice daily with a non-abrasive toothpaste and floss once nightly, then you should not develop cavities.

7. Are veneers covered by dental insurance in Canada?

Cosmetic dental coverage generally depends on the insurance plan you have in place through your place of employment.

8. Do veneers stain easily?

With proper care, dental veneers should never stain or become easily damaged. However, your teeth and the adhesive used to bond the veneers to your teeth are prone to staining. Try to avoid foods and liquids that could discolour your teeth.

9. How long do veneers last?

If properly cared for, porcelain veneers can last up to 15-20 years, while composite veneers can last 7-10 years. Keep in mind that while they are strong, veneers will never be as strong as your natural teeth and they will need to eventually be replaced. To make them last longer, try to avoid eating overly crunchy foods and don’t use your teeth to open plastic packages.

10. Can veneers be removed?

Yes, dental veneers can be removed by your dentist but they will need to be replaced as veneers are not a reversible procedure. Eventually, they will need maintenance or to be replaced.

11. Are veneers my only option if I want a smile makeover?

No, veneers are not your only option for a smile makeover. Your dentist can fully determine and explain your other cosmetic dentistry options after thoroughly examining your teeth and general oral health.

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