Female Dentist in Etobicoke

Whether it’s for religious reasons or just for personal comfort, you may be looking for a female dentist in Etobicoke. With a South Asian population of 13.6%, Etobicoke needs a dentist who’s friendly to women, and Princeview Dental provides that environment.

With over 25 years of experience, the practice’s founder, Dr. Janice Mummery, is an experienced female dentist in Etobicoke. Princeview Dental’s staff is friendly to women, and we pride ourselves on offering a comfortable environment for our female patients.

As a qualified female dentist in Etobicoke, Dr, Mummery is committed to providing comfortable dental care for the women of Etobicoke. We approach our relationships with our patients with a deep sense of responsibility, especially our female patients. We also realize that many of them may be new to Canada; that’s why we take the time to explain oral health care to them.

Experienced Female Dentist

We work hard to provide every patient, regardless of their age or gender, the best oral health care. That’s why we constantly update our knowledge of the latest dental procedures. When it comes to providing quality and comfortable dental care for women, Dr. Mummery understands what is needed.

Princeview always welcomes new patients, especially women. If you’re looking for a friendly women dentist in Etobicoke, please consider us for your top choice. From the moment you first visit our office, we will make you feel comfortable.

To start, we ask that you provide your full medical and dental history. You will need around one hour to 90 minutes for your first visit. Once we have taken your case history, you will become an invaluable patient and we will treat you with dignity, courtesy and respect; as a female dentist in Etobicoke, Dr. Mummery and the rest of her team have built their reputation on this. Visit Princeview Dental today for female-friendly dentistry!

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