Cosmetic Dentist in Etobicoke, Toronto

If you want the perfect smile, then cosmetic dentistry in Etobicoke, Toronto may be just what you need.

Have you ever hidden your smile because you felt embarrassed? Or, have you ever felt self-conscious about the state of your teeth? Our smiles are a big part of how we look, and smiling is often how we connect and bond with each other. When you feel bad about your smile, your confidence can take a big hit.

There’s no reason to suffer with a smile that you feel bad about. With Princeview Dental’s cosmetic dentistry located in Etobicoke, you can have the smile you have always wanted. If you have discoloured, misaligned, or chipped teeth, or if you just want a boost in confidence, our cosmetic dentists can help you achieve the perfect-looking smile.

Our safe and innovative dental care procedures can correct a number of dental problems. We offer a variety of cosmetic dental care treatments in Toronto that can fix all of the most common dental issues.

Our Cosmetic Dentists Can Help You with These Dental Procedures

- Brightening discoloured teeth and lightening your smile
- Filling in gaps or holes in your smile
- Fixing broken, chipped, and decaying teeth
- Correcting overbites and underbites
- Realigning teeth
- Fixing the size, shape, and placement of teeth
- Repairing old, improperly done dental procedures

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Our cosmetic dentist in Etobicoke, Toronto can provide a wide range of cosmetic dentistry procedures from simple treatments, such as teeth whitening, right up to full mouth restorations.

Teeth Whitening

If you have yellow, dull, or discoloured teeth, then you need teeth whitening. Teeth can become stained over time, or become discoloured due to smoking, improper cleaning, or drinking coffee or tea. Many over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments are ineffective and may leave your teeth looking only slightly better than before.

At Princeview Dental, we offer the most effective dental teeth whitening services that will brighten your smile. Our teeth whitening solutions in Toronto, Etobicoke are the strongest treatments available that can drastically whiten your teeth. We offer custom dental trays that can be built specifically for your mouth, to ensure the best dental whitening results possible.

Dental Veneers and Dental Bonding Treatment

If your teeth are stained, decayed, misaligned, or cracked then dental veneers in Etobicoke can help you achieve a perfectly aligned, bright smile. With dental veneers, a porcelain shell is placed over your tooth, instantly correcting any noticeable cosmetic problem. Dental veneers can fix broken enamel, stained teeth, misaligned teeth, gaps in your smile, and chipped and cracked teeth.

Dental bonding is also an effective treatment for chipped, cracked, and broken teeth. Our cosmetic dentists located in Etobicoke , Toronto can fix your damaged teeth using a composite resin, returning your smile to its former glory.

Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges

If one of your teeth is broken, chipped, or otherwise damaged, then dental crowns can have them looking good as new. With a dental crown procedure, your problem tooth is capped with a porcelain crown, which returns your tooth to its former size, shape, and look.

If you have a big gap in your smile or are missing more than one tooth in a row, dental bridges can fill in the space and give you a full set of teeth again. Bridges are a row of crowns that can be inserted into your mouth by a cosmetic dentist, instantly giving you a complete smile.

Dental Dentures Services

Sometimes, more advanced dental treatments are needed. Princeview Dental offers partial and full dentures treatments for people who are missing some or all of their teeth. When there has been  loss of a large number of teeth—or all of your teeth—or when there has been gum tissue loss, then dentures can recreate a full set of teeth for your mouth.

Dentures aren’t just a cosmetic dental treatment. Not only do they give you a great smile again, but they also help with the shape of your face, as well as your speech, digestion, and eating capabilities.

Orthodontics (Braces) Treatments

If you need a cosmetic dentist who can provide the best personalized orthodontics for your teeth, then Princeview Dental can offer an individualized dental care solution that is right for your needs. We offer a variety of orthodontic treatment options and solutions.

We can solve dental problems including overbites and underbites, crossbites, gaps between teeth, misaligned teeth, crowding, and a variety of other issues that can cause difficulties with your chewing, speech, and breathing. As well, we can make your smile look beautiful again.

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