General Dentistry in Etobicoke

With our trustworthy and family-friendly environment, it’s little wonder Princeview Dental has a reputation as a trustworthy Etobicoke general dentist. We have been in the same location for over 20 years and have built a reputation as a patient-friendly dental practice.

We offer a range of dental services to our patients, including both family and cosmetic dentistry. If you were planning on having any work done on your teeth, come visit us for tooth whitening that will leave you with a dazzling smile.

Comfortable Dental Experience

Undergoing a dental cosmetic procedure can be daunting, and many people feel nervous going to the dentist for even a general cleaning. Princeview Dental provides patients with a comfortable environment that sets them at ease when they undergo cosmetic dental procedures.

We’re also aware that many dental procedures can cause discomfort. That’s why we use nitrous oxide sedation and general anesthesia, so you won’t have to experience any discomfort or pain. As a trustworthy Etobicoke general dentist, we pride ourselves on providing comfort to our patients.

Flexible Dental Payment Options

We realize that undergoing cosmetic dental procedures can be costly, especially if you don’t have insurance or you do and it only partially covers the cost, if at all. That’s why we offer flexible payment plans for major cosmetic dental procedures, such as having an implant.

Dental emergencies can crop up at any time, so we offer emergency dental care. Simply give us sufficient notice and we will accommodate you the same day or first thing the day after.

Going to the dentist for the first time can be a scary experience for a small child. We offer a relaxing environment that will set your child at ease and start them on a lifetime of good oral care. Call Princeview Dental for this and more as your trustworthy Etobicoke general dentist!

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