Yearly Archives: 2016

How Dental Problems Can Affect Your Heart

While most people know that cleaning their teeth is important for their health, few would ever expect it to have an impact on their heart. Yet experts have suggested that there could be a link between poor dental care and heart disease. It is known that poor oral hygiene can lead to many other health…
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Tips to Fight Against Sensitive Teeth This Winter

For people who suffer from tooth sensitivity, winter can bring added levels of discomfort. Even if the pain goes away quickly, it is still recommended that you consult a dentist, as it may be a symptom of a more serious issue, such as a cavity or an exposed root. Over time, patients with sensitive teeth…
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How to Prevent Tooth Decay in Toddlers

Baby teeth require just as much care as adult teeth because they are a part of the child’s early physical development; therefore, it is important for parents to learn how to prevent tooth decay in toddlers while also encouraging them to practice good personal oral health habits. Toddlers are like sponges in the sense that…
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How to Approach Children’s Dental Emergencies

Sometimes, doing what is best for your kids means having the foresight to prepare for accidents and worst-case scenarios and this includes knowing what to do when faced with unexpected facial and dental injuries. In the case of a potential dental emergency, the first thing you should do is examine the inside of your child’s…
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