Obesity & Gum Disease Linked

Princeview Dental, your family dentist in Etobicoke, recommends that our patients maintain good oral health. However, we also recommend that our patients maintain an exercise regimen and healthy diet as well.

A recent study by Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio found that there is a link between obesity and gum disease by looking at the diet of a group of 18-to-34-year olds. Gum disease is common in adults over 55 and can lead to tooth loss and other health problems. As a family dentist in Etobicoke with over 20 years of experience, the staff at Princeview Dental advises our patients to maintain good oral health in conjunction with a good diet.

Out of the group the study looked at, the subjects who were overweight or obese were far more likely to suffer from gum disease than the individuals who maintained a healthy lifestyle. As an Etobicoke dentist with friendly and efficient staff, we take the time to recommend that our patients take a look at their diet and activity level and see if there is anything they can improve on.

How Obesity Linked to Gum Disease

The researchers speculated that the link between obesity and gum disease may have to do with one’s diet. Young adults in the study group tended to consume less milk and drink more soft drinks and non-citrus juices, leading to a lack of vitamin C and calcium in their diet. This in turn has a negative effect on their oral health, since calcium and vitamin C are essential for protecting against gum disease. Soft drinks and non-citrus juices also tend to be high in sugar, which causes people who consume large quantities and don’t exercise to gain weight.

As a family friendly dentist in Etobicoke, we tell our patients that there are ways they can prevent gum disease, starting with brushing and flossing twice a day and visiting us for a check-up every six months. If you’re experiencing any problems with your teeth, such as bleeding or pain when you brush, let us know immediately.

You can maintain good oral health with your diet as well. Avoid soft drinks and non-citrus juices, as well as with any foods that are high in sugar. Instead, eat healthy fruits for a sweet treat and exercise for at least one hour once a day.

Princeview Dental, the family-friendly dentist in Etobicoke, tells our patients that if they follow this course of action, they’ll enjoy good oral and physical health.

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