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What Are the Causes of Tooth Discolouration?

Many people suffer from the embarrassment of mild or severe tooth discolouration for an array of different reasons. In some cases, tooth discolouration is natural or hereditary, while in other cases, it’s caused by external factors such as certain lifestyle and dietary choices or lack of proper oral hygiene. Regardless of the cause, tooth discolouration is highly treatable and preventable, Continue Reading

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7 Myths About Braces Debunked

Many patients with misaligned or crooked teeth are nervous about the prospect of having to get braces. Naturally, there are a lot of misconceptions and myths about braces involving the application process, aftercare and daily life with braces in general. If you’re thinking about getting braces to straighten your crooked teeth or correct a misaligned jawline, then you probably have Continue Reading

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