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12 Practical Ways to Help Prevent Tooth Decay

Dental care in Etobicoke should be an essential service from a very early age, through childhood, the teenage years and throughout adulthood. With the proper oral healthcare and a healthy diet, the same teeth you get as a youth can withstand the test of time and the rest of your life. Tooth decay is the…
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Must-Have Information About Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening treatment at our Toronto office can help improve the appearance of your smile. After years of wearing masks for protection, it’s time to regain your confidence and put your best face forward. In addition to whitening your teeth, visiting a professional dentist can boost your oral health. As a cosmetic dental procedure,…
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10 Points to Remember for Your First Dental Visit

Are you looking for a new dental clinic in Etobicoke? Whether you have recently moved to the neighbourhood or have decided to change dentists, knowing what to expect and what you’re looking for can help prepare you for your first visit. Dentists are part of the health care profession specializing in the prevention, diagnosis, management,…
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Frequently Asked Questions about Dry Socket

With any tooth extraction, there is always the risk of developing dry socket. While dry socket is considered a complication following the tooth removal process, it is a rare occurrence. Fortunately if you do develop dry socket, there are treatments to help support the healing process and ease symptoms. To ease your concerns, this article…
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