Top Methods for Dealing with Bad Breath

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), May 20, 2014 – Princeview Dental (, one of Etobicoke’s premier dental clinics, is giving its expert opinion on the best ways to cure halitosis and encourage a healthy mouth, including dealing with bad breath caused by the tonsils. “Bad breath is a problem for about 40% of adults,” says Dr. Janice Mummery, founder of Princeview Dental. Continue Reading

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Find Out More about Dental Implants

If you’re missing a single tooth, a dental implant can restore your smile and help you to regain your sense of confidence. Princeview Dental, an Etobicoke general dentist on the Kingsway, tells their patients looking to have a tooth replaced that implants are just as important as other restorative procedures, such as crowns, fillings, and root canals. Dental implants, bridges, Continue Reading

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Living with Diabetes Increases the Risk of Gum Disease

If you’re living with diabetes, regular teeth cleaning is especially important, according to the staff at Princeview Dental Group. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the U.S. says that people with diabetes are two times more likely to develop gum disease. In fact, according to the CDC, approximately one-third of patients with diabetes have severe gum disease! Continue Reading

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Obesity & Gum Disease Linked

Princeview Dental, your family dentist in Etobicoke, recommends that our patients maintain good oral health. However, we also recommend that our patients maintain an exercise regimen and healthy diet as well. A recent study by Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio found that there is a link between obesity and gum disease by looking at the diet of a Continue Reading

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