The Potential Danger Sports Pose to Teeth & How to Prevent Dental Sports Injuries

Children are inspired to take up sports as they watch their favourite athletes compete on the world stage. And while Princeview Dental encourages parents to support their children’s passion for sports, they also warn that it may lead to a dental emergency requiring treatment if precautions are taken. 

According to a Dental Association of Connecticut, it doesn’t even have to be a high-intensity sport-related injury that can lead to a dental emergency. It can be something as simple as tossing around a Frisbee at a barbecue or a slippery pool surface. 

Most Common Dental Sports Injuries

Dental sports injuries can be a frightening experience for children and adults of any age. Some of the common injuries that dentists report during the summer months include misjudging the depth of water while diving and from collisions in contact sports like soccer, football and even baseball. These injuries could cause the following dental emergencies:

  • Tooth Chips: Depending on the severity of the chip, the enamel can be damaged and cause sensitivity and lead to cracking of the tooth if not repaired.
  • Tooth Fractures: A fracture or breakage of a tooth can affect the enamel and the underlying dentine as it can be exposed, causing sensitivity and pain.
  • Tooth Intrusion: An impact can cause the tooth to be driven up into the upper jaw or down to the lower jaw deep into the socket. Tooth intrusion can fracture the jawbone.
  • Tooth Extrusion: Tooth extrusion can be just as serious as the tooth is dislodged from its natural position in the socket. This can tear the periodontal ligament causing pain and displacement of the tooth.
  • Tooth Avulsion: When the impact causes the periodontal ligament to be completely torn, the tooth falls out of the socket. Pain, bleeding, and possible jaw fracture can result. If dealt with quickly the tooth could be placed back into the socket.
  • Temporomandibular Joint Dislocation: Commonly referred to as dislocated jaw, TMJ dislocation is seen when an impact forces the jaw to be in an unnatural position.

How to Prevent Dental Sports Injuries

For children eager to play contact sports or for those children who are just a little more accident-prone, Dr. Mummery suggests a few measures athletes can take to protect their oral health.

  • Wear proper protective gear
  • Use sportsguards
  • Learn about safety through education and awareness 
  • Avoid biting on hard objects
  • Regular dental checkups
  • Immediately respond and treat any injuries 

Contact Us for Emergency Dental Services in Etobicoke

At Princeview Dental, patients and their parents are always being urged to be aware of their surroundings and to play safe; for children involved in high-intensity sports, this means ideally taking the proper precautions to stop dental emergencies before they happen. 

If you or your child requires emergency dental services in Etobicoke, contact the Princeview Dental Group team at (416) 231-4652.

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