How to Fix a Knocked-Out Tooth

emergency dental careAs most emergency dentists in Toronto would agree, broken or knocked-out teeth are not only aesthetically unattractive, but they can also swiftly escalate into more serious health problems and should be dealt with immediately. Anyone who has had a tooth or multiple teeth knocked out should seek emergency dental care within the first hour of the incident taking place.

Causes and Symptoms of Broken or Knocked Out Teeth

Broken teeth have various external causes such as assault, physical abuse, falls, sports injuries to the face, or multiple traumas to the head. Teeth that have been knocked out for any reason should not be taken lightly as they can lead to a whole host of other health problems if left untreated for a long period of time. Symptoms of broken or knocked out teeth vary from toothaches and pain from chewing or temperature changes to bleeding, facial swelling, cuts around the lips and cheeks or discolouration. Despite the severity of the situation, there are treatments to fix knocked-out teeth. In the process of seeking emergency dental care, there are some dos and don’ts that patients should be aware of.

Procedures to Follow for Broken or Knocked-Out Teeth

The first thing a patient should know is that the first half hour after a tooth has been knocked out is absolutely critical when it comes to trying to save said tooth. The patient must act fast in order to get the emergency dental care they require. The only fighting chance emergency dentists have of salvaging the tooth is if the patient has taken the proper steps in preserving the tooth prior to bringing it into the emergency dental care office.

Though there are some contradicting views on whether the tooth should be rinsed with water, the general consensus is that water can be used to rinse the tooth, although milk is the preferred liquid because the calcium in the milk helps to keep the tooth’s root alive.

However, the tooth can only be held by the crown (the white, pearly part) and the root should not be touched in order to prevent damaging it. If the root gets damaged, it will be almost impossible to reattach the tooth to the socket. Adult teeth and children’s teeth that have been knocked out require slightly different stipulations that should be adhered to.

What to Do When Adult Teeth Are Knocked Out

If one of your adult teeth are knocked out, then time is of the essence, and you must re-insert the tooth into its socket before even seeing the emergency dentist. If the tooth gets dirty, then you can rinse it either with lukewarm water or milk and make sure the tooth is kept moist. Do not under any circumstances rub or scrub the tooth as this could damage and scrape the surface of the tooth. If, for whatever reason, the tooth cannot be re-inserted into the socket, then the patient can stash the tooth in their mouth between their cheek and gums until they reach the nearest emergency dentist’s office in Toronto. The main prerogative is to maintain the tooth’s moisture until the emergency dentist can examine it and determine the best form of treatment for the knocked out tooth.

What to Do When Children’s Teeth Are Knocked Out

Contrary to adult permanent teeth that have been knocked out, do not try to re-insert a child’s detached baby tooth into the socket because this can permanently damage the adult tooth that has not yet surfaced. The best course of action is to leave the tooth out of the socket and take the child to the nearest emergency dentist in Toronto and have them examine the child and the loose tooth. If the tooth is lost, then it is highly advisable to schedule a radiograph to make sure the child has not swallowed the tooth. If the gums are sore or swollen, then the child can suck on a Popsicle to ease the pain and decrease the swelling.

Seek Help from an Emergency Dentist in Toronto

Princeview Dental Group is one of the emergency dental care clinics in Toronto and the GTA. With an after-hours line, our patients can call anytime a dental emergency occurs. No matter what your dental emergency is, call Princeview Dental at (416) 231-4562 and we will make every effort to accommodate you and have your dental emergency taken care of as quickly as possible.

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