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Soft Drinks Should be Targeted for Causing Tooth Decay

Princeview Dental, (www.PrinceviewDental.com), one of Etobicoke’s dental clinics, is weighing in on whether soft drinks should be targeted for causing tooth decay. Liverpool health officials have started a public campaign against major brands of soft drinks, including Coca-Cola, Tropicana, and Capri-Sun in an attempt to warn the public about how much sugar is in each drink. The new campaign is Continue Reading

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What is the Importance of Oral Cancer Screening?

Seeing your dentist is important for keeping your teeth healthy and clean, but an oral cancer screening could save your life. Dentists routinely perform oral cancer screenings as part of their regular practice. Being checked for signs of oral cancer can be very important, particularly if you’re at an increased risk of the disease. With dental screenings for oral cancer, Continue Reading

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Tooth Decay Rates Rising in Canadian Cities

Princeview Dental (www.PrinceviewDental.com), one of Etobicoke’s local dental clinics, is commenting on statistics which show tooth decay and the need for urgent dental care are on the rise in some Canadian cities. Tooth decay is on the rise in Windsor, Ontario, according to statistics released by public health officials. Between 2011 and 2015, there was a 10 percent rise in Continue Reading

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