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Root Canal Myths Debunked: Why Getting a Root Canal Isn’t as Scary as You Think

For many dentophobes (people who experience an irrational fear or anxiety when visiting the dentist), getting a root canal is their absolute worst nightmare. And it doesn’t help that there are a lot of negative depictions of root canal treatments and what they entail. Most of these root canal myths are misconceptions that are perpetuated by modern pop cultural portrayals Continue Reading

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What Is an Underbite? Causes, Complications, and Treatments to Correct Your Class III Malocclusion

Underbites are a fairly common dental condition that occur in about 5-10% of the North American population. Despite its commonality however, it’s still important to seek out proper underbite treatment to prevent the condition from causing you pain, discomfort or other related symptoms later on in life. Even the most minor underbites have the potential to lead to severe dental Continue Reading

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