What to do For Your Child’s First Dentist Appointment

Princeview Dental, a trustworthy Etobicoke general dentist clinic, tells their patients with children to start their little ones on good oral hygiene habits; that includes regular trips to the dentist at an early age. Going to the dentist for the first time can be an intimidating experience; that's why we make every effort to set your little one's mind at ease and show that going to the dentist doesn't have to be a bad experience.

Most children start to cut all their baby teeth by the age of two-and-a-half, so this is a good time to start taking them to see the dentist regularly. Decay in baby teeth can also cause damage to adult teeth, making it important to start your child on a good oral health care routine when they're young. As a trustworthy Etobicoke general dentist, we know the importance of oral health care for young children.

We recommend that you bring your child to see us at least once before their first birthday. We are a trustworthy Etobicoke general dentist who provides a child-friendly environment that will instill a sense of calm in your child. We realize that all the strange instruments and noises, as well as the new faces, may be scary for even the friendliest toddler. That's why we do everything to put their minds at ease.

Here are a few other recommendations we have for parents bringing their child to the dentist for the first time:

  1. Be in the room: Having a parent in the room the first few times you bring your child to the dentist will make the experience less frightening for them. We will also stop if your child is becoming upset.
  2. Prepare them: We recommend that parents start brushing their children's teeth at an early age, offer reassurance, and tell them it will be over before they know it.
  3. Stop them from sucking on a thumb or pacifier: If your child sucks a thumb or pacifier, try to get them weaned off it as early as possible, as it may affect their teeth and jaws. We also ask that you let us know prior to their appointment if they ever engaged in these.
  4. Choose a kid-friendly toothbrush: Let your child choose a toothbrush with a favourite cartoon character on it. Make sure the bristles are soft as well. Finally, have your child brush and rinse before bringing them in for their first appointment.

Prior to bringing your little one in for their first dentist appointment, we ask that you let us know about any medical conditions your child may have or if they are taking any medication. You should have their pediatrician’s number handy as well.

As a trustworthy Etobicoke general dentist, we will take the time to explain everything that is about to happen to your child, setting their mind at ease for future visits. And at the end, Princeview Dental will provide them with a reward for being good!


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