Cosmetic Gum Treatment Options to Restore Dental Health

Periodontists are experts in administering periodontal gum disease treatments that could help to improve your overall appearance, oral health, and even your quality of life. If you are suffering from periodontal erosion (receding gum lines), have a gummy smile, or even a long tooth smile then perhaps it is time to consider undergoing some form of cosmetic gum treatment. It could help boost your self confidence while also positively impacting your demeanour.

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Cosmetic Gum Surgery

You may be wondering whether you are a good candidate for cosmetic gum surgery or treatment. If you identify with any of the following symptoms, you should consult a gum disease dentist: short teeth, long teeth, inflamed gums, tooth sensitivity, sensitivity to bleeding, pain while chewing food, missing teeth, dark or blackened gums due to smoking, and a gummy smile. A general dentist or periodontist can usually correct all of these issues, but early detection will heighten your chances of success; this is why you need to seek treatment as soon as possible.

When Do You Need Cosmetic Gum Surgery?

You should seek cosmetic gum treatment if you notice that your gums bleed profusely when you brush your teeth or even if you apply slight pressure to them. This is a sign that your gum pockets could be infected due to an overload of plaque build up, which can cause tooth sensitivity and pain when you chew. In this case, you may require laser gum surgery to remove the excess plaque and bacteria from your gum pockets and reduce the chances of further infection.

Types of Cosmetic Gum Procedures

Periodontal gum disease treatment targets a variety of oral and dental issues such as Excessive Gingival Display (gummy smile) and Gum Recession (long tooth smile).

Excessive Gingival Display

This is a condition where a large amount of gum tissue covers the teeth, making them look much smaller than they actually are. In some cases, overexposure not only makes for an unattractive smile, but it can also be a catalyst for inflamed gums, causing bleeding and a buildup of bacteria, gingivitis, and plaque within the gum pockets. To treat Excessive Gingival Display, cosmetic dentists or periodontists may perform a laser gum removal procedure to remove part of the gums and expose an appropriate amount of the crown of the teeth, creating a much more aesthetically appealing smile.

Gum Recession

On the opposite end of the spectrum, gum recession has to do with the overexposure of the crown of the teeth. This can also cause an overload of bacteria within the gum pockets and teeth usually look more elongated, almost fang-like. The resulting appearance can be off-putting and unappealing.

Fortunately, the problem can be fixed relatively easily and the procedure involved is minimally invasive. The gum disease dentist simply performs a grafting procedure, which involves manipulating the gums and even extending them to cover a larger part of the teeth than was originally exposed. The health benefits are important as this procedure can help clear out the surplus of plaque and calculus (tartar) that has invaded your gum pockets. If left untreated for too long, this could lead to a whole host of other, more detrimental, health problems.

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