How to Care for Your Porcelain Veneers

Dental Veneers Dental veneers are used by many people to present the appearance of healthy, clean, and white teeth. Getting dental veneers in Etobicoke and Toronto is now one of the most common dental services used. While they are an effective solution for some dental issues, they do have a set lifespan. Porcelain veneers can be expected to last about 10 to 15 years, after which they need to be replaced. Fortunately, by properly caring for them, there are a variety of ways that people can extend the life of their porcelain veneers.


10 Tips to Care for Dental Veneers

The purpose of porcelain veneers, also known as dental veneers, is to improve the aesthetic look of your teeth by making them look straight and white. There are some pros and cons associated with applying porcelain veneers. While they do make your teeth look beautiful, they also require a great deal of special care. If they are not properly cared for their lifespan can be significantly shortened. It is always important to follow these tips for care of your dental veneers, to make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment.

Take Care of Porcelain Veneers Like Original Teeth

The best tip when it comes to caring for porcelain veneers is to treat them like you would your natural teeth. This entails flossing at least once a day, usually before going to bed, and brushing your teeth twice daily. Use a soft bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste to avoid damaging the porcelain veneers. They are durable, but still susceptible to damage if they are not properly cared for. While porcelain veneers are stain-resistant, the adhesive that bonds them to your teeth is not, therefore it is a good idea to avoid eating and drinking substances that are notorious for staining teeth. This includes coffee, tea, cola, and red wine.

Protect Yourself Against Gum Disease

Those who suffer from gum disease are fully aware that it causes their gums to swell and their gum lines to recede. The further back your gums recede, the more the edges of the porcelain veneers are exposed, which will affect how natural your veneers look.

Quit Smoking and Chewing Tobacco

These days, everybody is well aware of the detrimental health effects of smoking and chewing tobacco. People who smoke are more susceptible to contracting gum disease because of the bacteria that cigarettes introduce into their mouths. Also, tobacco causes severe discolouration in teeth, especially with prolonged use. Once porcelain veneers become stained, it is very difficult and costly to clean and remove the stains or you will have to replace them altogether.

Wear a Mouth Guard to Protect Porcelain Veneers

One of the best porcelain veneer care tips that is especially useful for athletes or anyone who participates in contact sports is to wear a mouth guard. This will help to protect their porcelain veneers from any damages should they get hit in the face at any point during their activities. It will also help to maintain and maximize the lifespan of the porcelain veneers so that they do not need to be replaced more often than necessary.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Just like with teeth, porcelain veneers should be brushed and flossed. While veneers themselves do not decay, they do leave areas of your tooth exposed. These exposed areas of teeth can still develop plaque or decay. A veneer does not mean you can skimp on oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice daily, and remember to floss at the end of every day.

See Your Dentist Often

Veneers make your teeth look great. If you’ve received porcelain veneers in Toronto from a dental professional, you will likely have great-looking teeth. However, problems can be present beneath the shiny, white surface. Sometimes, there can be issues with your veneers that—when left untreated—can lead to extensive damage. Visit your dentist regularly to keep on top of your oral health.

Be Gentle

Many oral care products can be harsh on your teeth. Hard toothbrush bristles, harsh toothpastes, and other products may work great on regular teeth but can wreak havoc on dental veneers, including stripping the polish off your veneers. Use soft toothbrushes, gentle toothpastes, and delicate motions when cleaning your teeth.

Avoid Damage

It goes without saying that a hit, punch, or knock can damage veneers, but so can more innocuous things like eating hard candies or nuts. Veneers aren’t as strong as regular teeth and cannot withstand the same force. They are more easily chipped, so crunching down on hard nuts or candies can end up causing damage.

Avoid Stains

If you got porcelain veneers in Etobicoke, then there’s a good chance you enjoy many of the different restaurants and cultural foods available in the area. Unfortunately, certain foods can stain your veneers. The edges of veneers are particularly susceptible to staining and can turn yellow or brown. When drinking pop, tea, or coffee, use a straw. Avoid eating too much of the foods that are known to discolour teeth, such as certain curries.

Do Not Grind Your Teeth

Gritting, grinding, or chattering your teeth is a great way to chip your veneers and reduce their lifespan. Avoid doing anything which will cause damage to your teeth in this way. While it’s never a good idea to grind your teeth, your dental veneers are even more sensitive and susceptible to damage.

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