The Best Tooth Brushing Practices for Kids

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), August 29, 2014 – Princeview Dental (, one of Etobicoke’s premier dental clinics, is announcing its expert opinion on the most effective oral care for children 12 and under.

“Many of the same practices and routines that are necessary for proper oral care for adults are also necessary for children,” says Dr. Janice Mummery, Founder of Princeview Dental. “Not too much changes; brushing regularly or at least twice a day is still important, as is using the proper teeth cleaning techniques.”

Dr. Mummery adds that another important aspect to dental care that remains crucial to healthy teeth in children is flossing. As long as there are teeth present, children should be flossing; age makes no difference. And once the baby teeth begin growing in and get closer together, then parents should begin to instill flossing as a daily teeth-cleaning activity.

“As far as the difference between manual toothbrushes and electronic toothbrushes, it really doesn’t matter,” she explains. “However, children may find electronic toothbrushes more fun, so that may be a way to encourage regular teeth cleaning, but proper technique is the main factor in attaining healthy teeth and gums.”

“The consistency of brushing teeth is what’s most important for kids, just as it is for adults,” Dr. Mummery concludes. “If an electric toothbrush makes oral care more appealing to your child then go for it, but you still have to ensure he or she is following the proper brushing techniques and scrubbing each tooth thoroughly, as well as brushing their tongue.”

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