Call for Studies on Pot/Cavity Link

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), November 6, 2014 – Princeview Dental (, one of Etobicoke’s premier dental clinics, is adding its voice to the call by dentists for more research and studies on the link between pot smoking and rate of cavities.

Colorado is one of the U.S. states to legalize pot smoking. Since then, dentists have noticed a spike in cavities from their patients who smoke more than twice a week. This has led to their call for more formal research to be done on the connection between pot and cavities. (Source: “Dentists Want To See Studies On Pot-Cavity Link,” CBS Denver web site, October 17, 2014;

“The point of research and dental studies is to provide dentists with information and knowledge that wasn’t known prior to the study,” says Dr. Janice Mummery, founder of Princeview Dental. “Once the results of these studies are published, we’re able to implement the findings, so as a dentist in Etobicoke, I can have the same options as a dentist in Colorado.”

Dr. Mummery explains that abnormal growths and lesions inside the mouth seem to be one side effect of smoking pot, along with tooth decay, dry mouth, and all the repercussions from eating sugary foods caused by excessive marijuana smoking.

“Toronto is certainly one of the most liberal places in the world,” she adds. “Although smoking pot is not legal in Canada, being a dentist in Etobicoke, we can safely say that pot does have some adverse effect on oral health and can lead to worse situations if not treated effectively.”

According to Dr. Mummery, the Colorado dentists are also claiming to see more cavities between the teeth, which could be a result of food being stuck to different areas of the mouth due to the inside being dry after pot smoking.

“With all the information we have on what cigarettes can do to destroy healthy mouths, it would be great to have a fraction of that information on pot smoking, as we can’t assume both products are the same and will have the same oral impact,” Dr. Mummery concludes. “Being dentists in Etobicoke with patients who rely on us, we need to make sure we’re always providing up-to-date services and advise everyone to avoid any smoking if possible.”

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