What Are the Advantages of Nitrous Oxide Sedation?

advantages of nitrous oxide sedationNitrous oxide, otherwise known as laughing gas, is a highly advantageous and effective form of dental sedation for numerous reasons. It helps adults and children who suffer from anxiety as well as people with degenerative illnesses that compromise their control of their motor skills relax before and during complex dental procedures. This state of relaxation makes it a lot easier for dentists to complete their work in a timely manner without any disruptions from the patients.

Since the dentist has total control over the amount of nitrous oxide administered throughout the procedure and because nitrous oxide is inhaled through the nose and quickly metabolizes, there is no chance of overdose. Nitrous oxide sedation is the perfect solution for anyone who feels nervous for a major or minor dental procedure.

Advantages of Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Here are some of the main advantages of dental nitrous oxide sedation.

It’s Painless

Even though you’re still awake throughout the procedure, you will feel the calming effects of the nitrous oxide. It can also help reduce any gagging you may have during dental treatment.

It Reduces Anxiety

Anxiety and fear are two of the biggest reasons why most people tend to avoid visiting the dentist, even for a simple cleaning. Despite how irrational their worries might seem to others, these pangs of dread are very much legitimate and justified for the person suffering through them. Logically, they might be aware that there’s nothing to be worried about, but in many cases their anxieties could get the best of them. These circumstances make it very difficult for any dentist to properly do their job, which is why it’s often recommended to use nitrous oxide to calm the nervous patient before and during the procedure.

It’s Completely Safe

Part of the major anxiety associated with having major dental work done is that people might be afraid of being put under. The good thing about nitrous oxide sedation is that you’re fully awake. All the nitrous oxide does is numb the senses to create a more tranquil disposition. The dentist can easily control how much of the gas is being administered and, because it’s usually mixed in with oxygen, your lungs won’t become overwhelmed. Once the machine is turned off, it takes about five minutes for the gas to leave your system, and you’ll be completely lucid again.

No Preparation Required

Unlike most other dental or medical procedures where anesthesia or testing is involved, there’s no preparation whatsoever required prior to dental nitrous oxide sedation. You won’t have to fast the night before or drink any amount of liquids in preparation, nor will you have to arrange for a designated ride home in case you feel loopy because the gas wears off swiftly on its own. Although, you should always advise your dentist if you’re pregnant or taking any medication that could potentially interact with the gas or counteract its affects. You should only have a small meal before the dental appointment.

The dentists at Princeview Dental Group are committed to ensuring that all of our patients are completely comfortable with the atmosphere of our dental practice. We’ll take the time to completely explain each procedure beforehand as well as the sedation and numbing options we provide. We’ve been a dental office on The Kingsway for over 20 years and have catered to patients with all kinds of dental issues from routine cleanings to dental emergencies. To book a consultation, please call us at (416) 231-4562.

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