What Are the Benefits of the Zoom Teeth Whitening System?

Human beings have been using an assortment of teeth whitening methods for centuries. While there’s no doubt that certain techniques have garnered greater levels of success, there’s one particular treatment option that’s been consistently taking the dentistry world by storm across the globe. The Zoom whitening system is one of the most innovative and popular teeth whitening services currently offered by dental clinics in Toronto and other major cities worldwide. If you’re looking for a longer lasting and more effective alternative to traditional teeth whitening methods, then Zoom whitening could be the right choice for you!

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What Is Zoom Teeth Whitening?

The Zoom whitening system is an uncomplicated treatment option that takes anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour depending on the patient. In most cases, pain is very minimal, but you might experience minor temporary side effects such as tooth sensitivity. For that reason, your dentist should perform a preliminary dental exam or cleaning prior to commencing with the procedure. This way, they can remove any plaque or tartar and identify any potential dental issues that could compromise the results of the procedure beforehand.

Once the preliminary dental exam or cleaning is complete, your dentist or dental hygienist can begin the Zoom whitening procedure. The first step involves applying a protective gel onto the areas surrounding your teeth (cheeks, gums, lips). This is to prevent the Zoom teeth whitening gel from coming into direct contact with other parts of your mouth. The high concentration of hydrogen peroxides in the Zoom teeth whitening gel could harm patients by burning the inside of their mouths and lips if it’s handled incorrectly which is why it can only be applied directly to the teeth by a professional. Once the gel is put in place, the dentist will point a special light that activates the whitening agents in the gel directly at each tooth. The now active ingredients in the gel work to permeate the surface enamel of each tooth and remove stains from within. This procedure is usually implemented in three 15-minute intervals depending on the patient’s threshold for discomfort. Results vary depending on the individual and their ability to withstand the duration of the procedure, but most patients have reported being happy with the results.

The Benefits of Zoom Whitening

There are plenty of great benefits to undergoing Zoom whitening teeth treatments as opposed to traditional cleanings. Here are just a few of them:

Quick and Easy Procedure

As mentioned, the Zoom whitening procedure typically only takes about 45 minutes to an hour, which is excellent news for people who suffer from dental anxiety or phobia. Of course, it’s important to ensure that whoever is performing the procedure on you—whether it’s your dentist or dental hygienist—that they’ve received the proper training and certification to do so. Even though the procedure itself is relatively easy, it nonetheless requires pristine precision to go off without a hitch. Like a surgeon, your dentist must have excellent dexterity and steady hands to complete this procedure.

Harmless and Painless

For the most part, the Zoom teeth whitening treatment is relatively harmless and painless with minimal side effects. Once again, the overall success of the procedure is largely dependent on the patient’s predisposition both mentally and physically as well as the dentist’s ability to perform it. Patients with pre-existing sensitive teeth have reported a pinching feeling here and there throughout the procedure as well as temporary sensitivity afterwards, but that usually subsides within 24 hours. Sometimes an application of fluoride will help with sensitivity.

High-Quality Results

Despite the minimal discomfort you might experience due to the procedure itself, there’s no denying that the results are well worth it. In most cases, patients were left with beautiful, bright, and white teeth that increased their confidence levels tremendously.

Minimal Side Effects

As previously mentioned, there is a possibility that some patients will endure minimal side effects such as tooth sensitivity and a small pinching feeling during the procedure. Some patients have also reported increased tooth sensitivity and minor pain following the procedure as well. However, these are temporary side effects that typically go away on their own. If you continue to experience consistent pain directly after Zoom whitening, for more than 24 hours, then you should consult your dentist immediately.

The Cost of Zoom Teeth Whitening

As with most extensive and thorough teeth whitening procedures, not everyone will be able to afford Zoom teeth whitening and dental insurance plans rarely cover this expense. The cost could also vary depending on the duration of the procedure.

How Long Does Zoom Whitening Last?

The length of time varies from one patient to another. However, the Zoom whitening system gives patients the upper hand because dentists usually provide them with an at-home aftercare routine that helps amplify the results and keeps your teeth whiter for a longer period of time. Typically, the results can last anywhere from six months to a year.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment in Toronto

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