What Is Invisalign and What Are the Advantages?

Invisalign is an innovative and alternative teeth straightening system compared to conventional braces that allows you to feel confident and completely comfortable while you work towards improving the look of your smile. Treatments typically last anywhere from six months to about two years depending on the severity and types of oral problems that are being corrected.
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How Long Does Invisalign Take to Work?

The way Invisalign teeth straightening works is that your local dentist will create an impression of the current state of your teeth and send that to the Invisalign labs.

The lab will produce a computer-generated set of movements for your teeth according to the prescription given by your dentist. Once approved they will fabricate models of your teeth for each stage and then the clear aligners are made using those models. Commonly, every four weeks you will need to schedule an appointment with your dentist for progress checks and of the next set of aligner trays. Although these aligner trays are conveniently removable according to your preferences, it’s recommended that you wear them for a minimum of 20 hours per day to maximize their effectiveness.

The other important point with aligners is that they must be removed for eating. You can only drink cool water while wearing your aligners. Since Invisalign was first introduced in the dentistry industry over 15 years ago, it’s seen many improvements. As advertised on their web site, patients now have the option of fast tracking their treatment by visiting their dentist once a week to be fitted for new aligner trays. This may reduce the estimated length of the treatment to about six months.

Does Invisalign Work for Overbites?

Overbites are formed when the upper teeth are so far out of alignment with the rest of the jaw line that they excessively protrude forward and completely overlap the lower teeth. This condition can cause a great deal of discomfort and pain if left untreated. Invisalign clear braces are fully capable of correcting this issue by slowly and gently realigning the upper and lower teeth so that they create a straighter and more comfortable bite for the patient.

Is Invisalign Treatment Painful?

Although you may experience minor discomfort here and there while undergoing Invisalign treatment, it’s not nearly as uncomfortable or painful as having metal braces in your mouth. Traditional metal braces are sharp and can sometimes scrape against the inside of your mouth and cheeks, which can lead to bleeding, scarring, or painful mouth sores. Invisalign trays, on the other hand, sit comfortably on your lower and/or upper teeth and never make contact with your gums, and are smooth to your cheeks and tongue. They also offer a great deal of convenience. Unlike braces, when food gets stuck in them, you can simply remove them and rinse them out. As any experienced cosmetic dentist in Etobicoke will tell you, Invisalign is the ultimate wave of the future when it comes to teeth straightening and maintenance.

What Are the Advantages of Invisalign?

A lot of family dentists are now recommending that more and more patients opt for Invisalign treatment over conventional metal braces because of how much more convenient, manageable, and reliable they are. Aside from being completely clear and virtually invisible, Invisalign braces are also easier to clean and maintain and are quite durable. On top of that, Invisalign braces also offer the following advantages that elude traditional metal braces:

They’re Far More Comfortable

Unlike regular braces, Invisalign aligner trays won’t scratch the interior of your mouth, or cause your cheeks to bleed. Additionally, they’re completely removable for easy cleaning purposes and even though no one will be able to tell that you’re even wearing them, you can remove them when you attend social events. They’re so comfortable that most of the time you might even forget yourself that you’re wearing them!

They’re Completely Safe to Use for as Long as Necessary

Some patients may have expressed some level of concern to the dental community regarding having plastic materials in their mouths for long periods of time. Invisalign is completely safe for prolonged and continued use as long as you properly take care of the trays throughout your treatment. The materials used to manufacture the aligner trays are non-reactive and BPA-free, which means there’s very minimal risk of experiencing any adverse or allergic reactions. That said, patients who are sensitive to certain materials should discuss possible risks of using Invisalign with their dentist and find out if they’re allergic to specific types of plastics prior to using this product.

They Improve the Appearance of Your Smile

Whether you’re an adolescent or a fully-grown adult, straightening your teeth has never been easier or more convenient than with Invisalign aligners! The fact is that a lot of people put off taking care of their smiles because they may feel wearing braces is too embarrassing, but that doesn’t mean they should have to live out the rest of their lives refusing to smile because they’re ashamed of their teeth. If you can relate to any of that, then Invisalign might be the right solution for you. The best part is that no one will ever know you’re wearing them unless you choose to tell them, and you can remove them any time you want for cleaning and eating. Over a short period of time, you’ll start to notice a huge difference in the appearance of your teeth and your smile.

Increased Self-Confidence

Now you can reap the rewards of undergoing the easiest and most convenient teeth straightening treatment you’ll ever encounter in your life. Invisalign can help improve your confidence in your appearance and when you look good, you inevitably feel good, too! You will no longer feel ashamed or afraid to show the world your beautiful new smile.

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