Why Professional Teeth Cleanings Are Crucial for Your Child’s Dental Health

The road to good oral health begins with professional teeth cleaning and assessment services from a young age. Children are more susceptible to dental issues. Regular checkups and cleaning of their teeth can prevent oral issues such as cavities, plaque buildup and periodontal diseases.

What Is Professional Teeth Cleaning?

Professional teeth cleaning is a procedure done by a hygienist, dentist, or pediatric dentist to remove any dental plaque and tartar. This helps to prevent cavities, gingivitis, and periodontal diseases. A regular cleaning also includes a complete oral dental exam, which can include polishing of the teeth and thorough flossing.

Periodontal maintenance is a step further than regular cleanings and involves a deep cleaning of the teeth and gums. Preventative measures as a child can help maintain good dental health that can last a lifetime.

When Should Children Get Their First Teeth Cleaning?

While technically you begin oral hygiene from the time your children are born, the first professional teeth cleaning should be within the first six months of the teeth erupting into the mouth. Most patients begin their dental journey once they start eating solid foods. Baby teeth are not forever but they do play a major role in the dental health of your child.

Why Is It Important to Get Your Child’s Teeth Cleaned?

Baby teeth can succumb to tartar, plaque and cavities, causing gum disease and premature tooth loss. It is crucial for all primary teeth to remain healthy and intact (until they naturally fall out) to ensure the permanent teeth grow in properly.

Regular dental checkups can detect any potential issues and help to maintain a healthy mouth. Let’s take a closer look at why having your child’s teeth routinely cleaned by a professional is important.

Prevents Cavities

Did you know children are at high risk for cavities during their first 14 years of life? This is the time proper oral hygiene practices are critical to prevent dental decay and mouth disease. These actions, including regular dental checkups and cleaning, help to pave the road for a lifetime of strong and healthy teeth.

Prevents Tooth Loss

Dental cleanings twice a year help to keep gum disease at bay. Gum disease leads to tooth loss in childhood and adulthood. To properly grow and maintain strength, the bone holding the tooth needs a healthy environment, including the gumline.

Premature loss may cause the permanent teeth grow out of alignment which in turn result in crowding each other or become crooked. These issues can lead to speech impediments, chewing problems, and orthodontic treatments as the child ages.

Brightens Teeth

Usually considered an adult problem, keeping the teeth white and bright can help children maintain self-confidence. If a child is being bullied or laughed at for yellow and stained teeth, they are more likely to hide their smile. They can quickly withdraw from making friends and wanting to be involved in social activities. Professional teeth cleaning can prevent discolouration of the teeth.

Improves Oral Health

Visiting a dentist for regular cleanings and checkups can prevent tooth decay, painful infections and oral diseases. Children learn through imitation and by becoming informed and familiar with dental visits at a young age can lead to more than a healthy mouth.

Fights Infection

Yes, children can get infection in their gumline at any age. The gumline supports the intact tooth and a healthy gumline can help keep the tooth free from infection. A dentist or a pediatric dentist can easily explain to your child the importance of maintaining good gum health. They can also use the appropriate tools and show proper gum care to your child that they can do at home.

How Often Should You Schedule Your Child’s Dental Cleanings?

For prevention of oral issues and the best children’s dental health,it is recommended to schedule regular appointments once every six months. These checkups usually include cleaning and exams to check for any potential dental issues. As with any health issue, early detection is key to a positive outcome, especially with oral health problems.

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