Winter Dental Care Tips for Healthy Teeth


Dental problems can arise at any time of the year, which is why it’s important to take good care of your teeth on a regular basis. However, teeth are particularly susceptible to certain damages such as cracking and bacterial infections during the cold winter months. Follow these winter oral dental tips to help keep your teeth in tiptop shape this holiday season.

Practice Proper Oral Hygiene

Maintaining a regular oral hygiene routine that includes brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing every night before bed is crucial to mitigating potential winter damages.

Brush Your Teeth Gently

Avoid aggressive brushing techniques as these can disintegrate tooth enamel—your teeth’s natural defense mechanism against bacteria. Use soft, gentle circular strokes instead to remove stains and stuck-on food particles.

Take Care of Your Gums

Flossing regularly is just as important as brushing your teeth, but it has to be done right or you could risk hurting yourself. You can use either a traditional string floss or modern pick floss to clean in between your teeth. Gently place the floss in the gap between your teeth move it in an up and down motion to loosen and remove remaining food particles or plaque from hard-to-reach places.

Drink Lots of Water

Hydration is a key factor to maintaining excellent overall health. Water is also good for your dental health. Every time you take a sip of water before, during, or after a meal, it naturally cleanses your mouth and removes loose food particles that would otherwise rot in between your teeth.

Cold winter climates can cause dry mouth, which creates the perfect environment for bacteria development. Drinking plenty of water keeps your teeth and gums moist while also promoting excellent saliva production to prevent bacteria development in your oral cavity.

Wear a Mouth Guard

Outdoor winter activities and sports such as skiing or tobogganing are a lot of fun, but they can also pose a lot of risks for your dental health. Aside from the risk of falling face forward and damaging your teeth, the cold temperatures can also dry out your mouth and make your teeth more prone to cracking. Cold temperatures also increase discomfort caused by sensitivity. Before venturing off to the mountains for a fun ski weekend getaway, pay your dentist a visit to get fitted for a mouth guard to protect your teeth from the cold and sports-related injuries.

Protect Your Neck and Face

If you live in a place where the cold air hurts your face during winter, then make sure to wear a warm scarf or fully zip-up jacket before going outside. Keeping your neck and face warm protects you from catching a cold, but it also prevents your jaw and teeth from seizing up due to the cold.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

The temptation to indulge in sweets and hearty comfort foods is stronger than ever during the winter months. When Jack Frost starts nipping at your nose, try to limit the amount of junk food, sugar, and acidic foods and beverages you consume as these can wear down your tooth enamel and open the floodgates for potential bacterial growth and infections.

Schedule Regular Dental Appointments

Regular dental checkups and cleanings are an important part of maintaining dental health. At Princeview Dental Group, we recommend that you visit the dentist at least once every four to six months to get a cleaning. Book an appointment at our clinic if you need dental care in Etobicoke.

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