Why In-Office Is the Best Way to Professionally Whiten Teeth

dental teeth whiteningDiscoloured teeth can be a major problem that affects people’s appearances, but teeth whitening in Toronto from a cosmetic dentist can often correct the issue.

Yellowed, dull, or discoloured teeth can arise from a number of different causes. Whatever the cause, discoloured teeth can have a big impact on appearance. Many people feel self-conscious about their discoloured teeth and having an off-colour smile can affect career, relationship, or personal success.

There are a number of over-the-counter (OTC) teeth whitening treatments, including strips, toothpastes, and kits. Unfortunately, these products often are not effective enough to correct the problem. For best results, get professional teeth whitening from a dentist.

What Is an In-Office Teeth Whitening Procedure?

In-office teeth whitening is a dental procedure that whitens teeth and removes tooth discolouration. A cosmetic dentist performs the procedure over the course of one to three appointments, typically using a specialized gel. Dentists can also provide take-home solutions that are more effective than their OTC counterparts.

One of the reasons why cosmetic teeth whitening is more effective than OTC products is because dentists are able to use a specialized gel that is stronger than what is available to the public. Furthermore, dentists can customize their treatment, matching your natural tooth shade, and they can also perform other dental work that creates better results.

In-Office Teeth Whitening Procedure

When you see a professional teeth whitening dentist, they follow standard procedures to ensure the best results in treating your tooth discolouration.

  • Cleaning Teeth Plaque and Debris: First, the dentist cleans your teeth, removing any debris or plaque that has accumulated. In some cases, this could be enough to eliminate discolouration of teeth. Plaque can cause teeth to appear yellow or off-colour.
  • Assessing Pre-Treatment Tooth Shade: To determine the effectiveness of the whitening procedure, the dentist assesses the current shade of your teeth, allowing for easy comparison after the completion of the treatment.
  • Isolating Your Teeth: The whitening solutions that dentists use are more powerful than anything available over-the-counter. To prevent irritation or damage to your mouth and gums, the dentist isolates your teeth, ensuring that the whitener doesn’t affect any soft tissue.
  • Applying the Whitening Agent: Once your soft tissue has been isolated, the dentist applies the whitening agent. Typically, this is a gel that the dentist applies on each individual tooth.
  • Leaving the Whitening Agent to Work: Once the solution has been applied, there is a waiting period. Usually, this can last from one hour to 1.5 hours, and the dentist may apply more solution throughout the waiting period.
  • Finishing the Procedure: After the waiting period, the solution is cleaned from your teeth and any isolating dental materials are removed from your mouth.
  • Determining the Results of the Whitening: To determine the effectiveness of the procedure, the dentist evaluates the shade of your teeth, comparing it to the pre-treatment assessment.

Professional Teeth Whitening Services in Toronto

If you are looking for in-office teeth whitening in Toronto, then Princeview Dental Group can provide the cosmetic dentistry services that will have your smile looking great again. Our dental teeth whitening can correct yellowed, greyed, or discoloured teeth, removing stains and increasing whiteness. Our in-office treatment uses a specialized solution that can provide better results than over-the-counter or store-bought treatments. Contact us today to find out if our teeth whitening services can help you.

Princeview Dental has been a fixture of the Kingsway area in Etobicoke for over 20 years, where we’ve provided dedicated family care in a professional, welcoming, and modern environment. Please call us today at (416) 231-4562.

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