Expert Tips to Athletes for Avoiding Oral Injuries

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), October 22, 2014 – Princeview Dental (, one of Etobicoke’s premier Dental clinics, is announcing ways for athletes to avoid oral injuries and subsequent emergency dental procedures.

“Young people look up to their favourite hockey or basketball players and try to imitate their every move. But as most team sports are relatively aggressive, it’s important for young athletes to practice safety, especially as it pertains to oral injuries, with hockey players being an obvious example of what can happen to teeth if they are not properly protected,” says Dr. Janice Mummery, founder of Princeview Dental. “What’s important for young athletes to remember is that there are ways to protect themselves if they hope to keep all their teeth and avoid any emergency dental procedures.”

According to Dr. Mummery, some very simple tips can make a big difference when it comes to preventing oral injuries. “The first tip is to always wear a mouth guard, no matter what sport is being played,” says Dr. Mummery. With sports like hockey and basketball, there’s always the risk of getting hit with elbows, shoulders, or even the puck or basketball, so keeping the mouth guard in is vital to preventing oral injuries.

“Another simple step athletes can take to prevent oral injuries is to simply keep their head up,” she adds. “It’s something coaches teach in almost every sport, but not all athletes understand the significance.”

“By players keeping their heads up and just being more aware on the floor, field, or ice, they could actually prevent so many more injuries not only to their mouth, but overall injuries in general,” Dr. Mummery concludes. “Injuries are a part of sports, however, so if they do occur, it’s important to find a dental office like Princeview Dental that is equipped for all emergency dental services and emergency dental procedures.”

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