Preventative Dentistry: The Key to Good Oral Health

When it comes to maintaining good oral hygiene, the old saying about how "the best defence is a good offence" rings especially true. As a trustworthy Etobicoke general dentist, Princeview Dental tells our patients that keeping their teeth looking great and strong is easy if they follow these simple steps.

Preventative dentistry is the easy way to prevent oral hygiene issues. Tooth decay and gingivitis can lead to a variety of health issues, which may require taking time off school or work for treatment and filling out insurance forms. There’s also the cost; even if you have insurance, it may only partially cover the price of treatment.

As a trustworthy Etobicoke general dentist, we believe that oral health issues can be prevented with daily oral health care; this includes brushing at least twice a day, using an antiseptic mouthwash, and, most importantly, flossing. Flossing is especially vital to oral hygiene, since it cleans food from between your teeth; if you don't floss, this can lead to tooth decay. As a trustworthy Etobicoke general dentist, we tell our patients to floss in the morning, along with brushing and rinsing.

Going to see your dentist every six months is another important part of preventative dentistry. These trips should also include x-rays, which are recommended to catch any cavities early before they get any worse. The frequency is determined by your likelihood of getting decay.

As a trustworthy Etobicoke dentist, our preventative dentistry also catches the gum disease gingivitis early. In addition to causing serious oral maladies, gingivitis has been linked to other health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and more. At Princeview Dental, we provide effective treatment against gingivitis, as well as offer tips on preventing it from reoccurring.

But take care when brushing! Brushing too hard can wear down your teeth's enamel, which leads to increased sensitivity. If this has occurred, we provide veneers and restorations to prevent further damage to your teeth.

But sometimes, despite our best efforts, damage to teeth can occur. As a trustworthy Etobicoke dentist, we offer ways to prevent damage from going further, including fluoride, restorations, and changing your home care routine.

Preventative dentistry should be a lifelong commitment from the time a child's teeth start to come in right up to the adult years. With increasing evidence of links between poor oral hygiene and a variety of health issues, maintaining your oral health care your entire life is extremely important. As a trustworthy Etobicoke general dentist, we provide gentle dentistry for everyone from children to seniors.

As a trustworthy Etobicoke dentist, we offer a variety of methods for preventative dentistry, as well as tips on how you can keep your teeth strong and looking great your entire life. Count on Princeview Dental, a trusted name in dentistry in Etobicoke!

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