Princeview Dental Reacts to the Success of the 78th Annual Winter Clinic

Princeview Dental (, one of Etobicoke’s local dental clinics, is weighing in on the success of the annual Winter Clinic dental conference in Toronto.

The Winter Clinic is the largest one-day dental conference in North America. Hosted by the Toronto Academy of Dentistry, this year’s conference was the 78th iteration of the exhibition and took place at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel on Friday, November 6. Each year the conference brings together dental professionals from around the world to learn about and explore the latest innovations in the field of dentistry. This year, Dr. Janice Mummery, founder of Princeview Dental, was also appointed to the Academy of Dentistry as Committee Chair.

“I was proud to play an important role in this year’s Winter Clinic,” says Dr. Mummery. “The Winter Clinic is one of the largest conferences where dentists and dental staff can learn more about the latest development, technologies, and techniques in the dentistry field. Being invited to be a key contributor to all of that is humbling and exciting.”

As Academy of Dentistry Committee Chair, Mummery helped oversee the entire conference. This year’s conference offered professionals the opportunity to complete world-class clinical programs.
“The Academy of Dentistry and the Winter Clinic conference contributors are really proud to offer these opportunities for dentists to broaden their training and knowledge,” says Dr. Mummery. “The conference featured programs covering a wide range of topics within the field of dentistry, from women’s oral health to geriatric dentistry. The goal was for dentists to come out of the conference with an even greater knowledge of dentistry than they had coming in.”

The Winter Clinic also covered cutting-edge developments in the dentistry field, allowing dentists to learn more about the latest products, techniques, and research.

“Dentists always want to offer patients the best care possible, which is why it’s important to stay on top of new research and developments,” notes Mummery. “That’s why this year’s Winter Clinic had demonstrations of new dental equipment, along with programs covering specialized techniques for dental surgery and other dental care.”

The Winter Clinic also had showcases with opportunities for dentists to save on new products and services. These allowed dentists to see a wide range of available options for improving or expanding their practice.

“Learning is the focus of the Winter Clinic,” says Dr. Mummery, “but it’s the product showcases that can really help dental practices broaden their services more quickly. These conferences can really connect dentists with the latest technology in the field. What was planned for this year’s event was truly exciting.”

Princeview Dental provides services for patients who are suffering from dental emergencies in Toronto, as well as regular oral care.

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