Serious Health Risk of Ignoring Tooth Decay

Toronto, Canada, January 20, 2016 – Princeview Dental (, a fixture of The Kingsway area in Etobicoke for over 20 years, is taking the new year to remind people of the importance of oral hygiene, following a recent dental conference that raised awareness about serious dental health risks.

Tooth decay is associated with a wide range of health problems that the public is not often aware of. At the 35th MP State Dental Conference in India, dental professionals urged the public to take note of the serious health risks that can be caused by tooth decay and poor oral hygiene.

“Most people know that tooth decay is bad, but very few people realize that it can cause health problems beyond your gums and teeth,” says Dr. Janice Mummery, founder of Princeview Dental. “There’s a tendency for people to kind of dismiss dental concerns compared to other health problems, but the two can often be connected.”

Bacteria from tooth infections can spread in the body, affecting other areas and causing serious health problems. Surgeries on any part of the body can be particularly problematic, as any existing tooth decay can cause serious complications.

“Part of the reason people don’t view this as an issue is because when a dentist treats tooth decay promptly, there isn’t too much of a risk,” says Mummery. “However, this can cause people to ignore or neglect dental issues, and that’s when serious problems can arise.”

When tooth decay occurs, it is common for infections to take root in the tooth. These same bacteria can infect other parts of the body as well. While surgery poses a unique risk, Mummery says there are plenty of health complications beyond that.

“Infections in your tooth can end up spreading to your jaw bone or soft tissue and can even cause brain abscesses or pneumonia,” notes Mummery. “This is something everyone has to be aware of as it can be potentially life-threatening.”

The 35th MP State Dental Conference took place on December 18, just before the winter holidays. This is fitting, according to Mummery, as the holidays present a lot of opportunity to aggravate tooth decay or other dental conditions.

“Sweets and desserts are very common during the holidays, and that can have a bad effect on your teeth,” says Mummery. “After Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, it really is a good idea for patients to be aware of any problems they are having with their teeth.”

Mummery explains that pains or dull aches are the things to look out for. Any sudden onset of pain is a good sign that a dental emergency clinic should be sought right away.

“Luckily, when these things are treated quickly, there isn’t too much cause for concern, but some people wait too long and that’s when problems can arise,” Mummery concludes.

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