Sleep Dentistry Eases Fears and Attracts More Patients

One of the biggest fears that most North Americans face is going to the dentist. Some estimates put the number of people that refuse to visit their dentist out of fear at 20% across the continent, and 50% of people are hesitant to visit because of these same fears.

Dentists have long tried to figure out ways around this, including Princeview Dental, an Etobicoke general dentist on the Kingsway. Some have tried the approach of making their offices more inviting, designing them to look more like a living room than a waiting room in a hospital. But that does nothing for the 20% of patients that absolutely refuse to even enter a dentist’s office.

A more direct approach has been to offer patients some form of sedation that can calm the nerves and make the experience less frightening. This is usually a better option and allows those with reservations about sitting in a dentist chair a chance to manage their fear.

More recently, dentists have taken sedation one step further with sleep dentistry. Having the patient completely sedated during routine procedures is becoming a successful incitement to attracting patients who previously wouldn’t even consider stepping into a dentist’s office.

Sleep dentistry can be particularly effective at dealing with getting impressions for sleep apnea appliances. When patients would typically gag, feel claustrophobic, or outright refuse to be fitted, sleep dentistry makes this entire procedure comfortable and unobtrusive. And for patients who haven’t visited their dentist for an extended period of time and need extensive dental work, using sleep dentistry lessens the anxiety attached with spending hours in a dentist chair.

Patients are slowly becoming more aware of the option for sleep dentistry, but it needs to be advertised much more aggressively. Patients with a real fear of dentists, through no fault of their own, are doing themselves a disservice by not consistently receiving dental care. The advent of sleep dentistry for routine procedures is a huge lure to target these patients and get them into dental clinics and practicing proper dental health.

Princeview Dental acknowledges the significance of sleep dentistry and therefore offers it as an additional service for new and existing patients who feel they need it. Dr. Janice Mummery and the rest of the Princeview Dental team realize the potential benefits to millions of people that have gone too long being gripped by fear.


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