Top 8 Reasons You Need to Whiten Your Teeth

Teeth Whitening Teeth whitening has rapidly become one of the most popular dental procedures in North America. And while it seems like you can’t turn on the television without seeing at least one commercial for a teeth whitening product, it is still recommended that you turn to a professional dentist, such as Princeview Dental, a provider of teeth whitening services for Toronto and Etobicoke residents.

Over time, our teeth lose their whiteness due to natural aging; smoking; drinking tea, coffee, or wine; a build-up of plaque or tartar; or one of many other reasons. When this loss of whiteness occurs, teeth whitening can brighten teeth by at least two shades. With brighter teeth comes a brighter smile, which can mean a boost in confidence and a younger appearance.

Why Should You Consider Whitening Your Teeth?

When patients visit their dentist for teeth whitening, they set up an appointment for a variety of reasons. The eight top reasons why patients undergo a teeth whitening procedure include:

1. A Healthy Smile: Having yellow or discoloured teeth can send the wrong message, and even if you brush and floss regularly, your diet or other habits can cause your teeth to lose their lustre. Combine whitened teeth with good oral hygiene and a healthy diet and people will be dazzled by your smile.

2. A Healthier Lifestyle: Discoloured teeth are often caused by drinking coffee, tea, or red wine or smoking. If you’re looking to quit smoking or cut down on the amount of coffee you drink, undergoing a teeth whitening procedure can be a great incentive for scaling back a bad habit, if not quitting outright. Toronto is full of temptations, with many great pubs offering smoking areas on their patios and coffee shops, but a great-looking smile can be incentive enough to just say no.

3. Improved Appearance: If you have a wedding, job interview, class reunion, anniversary, or any other important event coming up, a teeth whitening will leave your smile looking great for the big event. Even if you’re simply going to any of the exciting events in the GTA, you want to look your best, and that includes your smile.

4. Looking Younger: Often, something as simple as whiter teeth will help you look years younger. And after a whitening, proper care means it will take years for them to lose their lustre again!

5. Saving Money: Teeth whitening is an affordable alternative to more costly cosmetic anti-aging procedures. And since it also leads to improved oral hygiene, it will also help you to save money on dental care in the long run.

6. Improved Quality of Life: If you feel self-conscious about discoloured teeth, you may avoid socializing or keep to yourself at work. A teeth whitening procedure will help you to feel more confident about social situations, both personal and professional.

7. Avoiding Surgery: Having your teeth whitened is an easy and relatively pain-free way to improve your appearance—again, all without undergoing a costly cosmetic procedure.

8. Easy Scheduling: Unlike other cosmetic procedures, a teeth whitening appointment requires very little of your time, with each session typically only lasting 20 minutes. And patients report results in as little as three sessions! Alternatively, you could book one longer appointment, if that fits your schedule better.

While home whitening kits are available, the teeth whitening procedure is something you should leave up to the professionals. Princeview Dental offers teeth whitening in a safe and comfortable environment at our dental office in Etobicoke, at an affordable price. Let us book an appointment for you today.

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