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In 2013, nearly 58,000 adults visited emergency rooms in Ontario due to dental issues. However, Princeview Dental, an emergency dental clinic, advises patients that an ER is not equipped to handle dental emergencies and will be able to do little more than prescribe antibiotics or painkillers. However, we at Princeview Dental are proud to provide emergency dental care in Etobicoke at our conveniently located clinic on the Kingsway.

If you're experiencing a dental emergency, call us immediately to book emergency dental services and we will make every effort to accommodate you as soon as possible. Remember, visiting an ER instead of your dentist for dental emergencies costs taxpayers up to $30.0 million annually, so we recommend visiting our clinic for emergency dental services in Etobicoke rather than a hospital.

Doctors at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto have reported seeing between three to four patients a day suffering from dental issues, such as toothaches and even full-blown dental decay. Add the long wait times at ERs in Ontario to this and it is not something that anyone would want to experience, especially if they are suffering from oral pain. If you're facing any dental issues that require immediate treatment, call us for treatment at our emergency dental clinic and we will try our best to accommodate you as quickly as possible. And if we cannot see you until the next day, we recommend taking pain medication in addition to the other steps to relieve the pain.

One of the main reasons that patients may not visit our emergency dental clinic is concern over the cost. As a provider of emergency dental care in Etobicoke, we realize how important it is to have immediate care for a dental emergency; that's why we offer emergency dental services at an affordable price.

A study at The Alliance, an organization dedicated to finding better dental care for low-income Ontario residents, released a report showing that in 2012, there were 3,500 visits to hospitals in the Greater Toronto Area for dental emergencies. There is currently work underway to create dental programs for low-income patients.

We also realize that for many with a low or a fixed income, affording dental care may be difficult. Practicing good oral hygiene can go a long way to preventing dental emergencies, but, situations may arise despite brushing, flossing, and eating a healthy diet. We provide our patients who may be on a fixed income or who are uninsured and have low income with affordable emergency dental services, as we know that getting any serious dental issues treated immediately is vital to prevent further damage and possible illness.

There are dental care programs in place for those with a low or fixed income, but the waiting list is long. If you fit into any of these categories, don't go to the ER for a band aid measure, simply visit our offices for emergency dental services in Etobicoke.

At Princeview Dental, we provide emergency dental service in Etobicoke for our patients, regardless of income and whether or not they are insured. Don't spend hours in an ER for something we can treat easily!


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