Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Your Teeth

Did you know that your dentist in Etobicoke might recommend that you take various vitamins and minerals to strengthen your teeth and improve your oral health? It’s all part of creating a comprehensive dental plan that works for you. Below, we list some of the most common supplements that can have a positive impact on your oral health.

Of course, always speak to your family physician and dentist before taking any supplements. They can help you find out what’s right for you.

Vitamin D

Without Vitamin D, the body cannot properly absorb and retain calcium and phosphorus. As an essential vitamin for good health, Vitamin D can prevent teeth from weakening and breaking.

Vitamin B12

Just as the body requires substantial amounts of Vitamin B12, the continuing health of the gums and teeth depends on the effects of this vitamin. It works to help with the metabolism of sugars that lead to tooth decay. Vitamin B12 is also essential in the fight against gum disease.


Calcium is an essential mineral for overall good health, especially when it comes to our bones and teeth. It works with other minerals and essential vitamins to fortify the density of the bones, reducing the risk of tooth decay and tooth loss from weakening structures within the mouth.

Vitamin A

Dentists in Etobicoke recommend a diet rich in Vitamin A as it has been shown to be essential for good oral health. Its role in the production of saliva translates to a natural teeth cleaning by removing harmful bacteria and acids from the teeth, gums, tongue, and inner cheeks.

Vitamin C

An antioxidant, Vitamin C is designed to support the health of gums by fighting any inflammation in the mouth. It is an essential vitamin to stimulate collagen production that repairs cells by protecting the health of the connective tissues of the oral cavity.


Magnesium is an essential mineral in the development and support of strong bones and teeth. It helps to absorb calcium to ensure the enamel hardens to protect against the bacteria and acidity that leads to tooth decay.


As the majority of the body’s phosphorus can be found in the bones and teeth, this mineral is a major player in oral health. With the presence of calcium, phosphorus makes hydroxyapatite which is an element of the enamel that surrounds the tooth.


This is an essential mineral that works closely with magnesium to balance the acidity of the blood. Blood acidity draws out calcium from the teeth, causing weakness and low bone density. Potassium is an electrolyte that stimulates nerve and cell function, including the functioning of our oral structures.

Vitamin K

A deficiency in Vitamin K can cause bone density to breakdown, which might make the jawbone and teeth unstable. This vitamin works as a calcium binder protecting the teeth and stimulates production of osteocalcin. This hormone protein helps to restore bone tissue while supporting the workings of calcium.

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