6 Important Things to Consider Before Getting a Root Canal Treatment

Are you in need of a root canal treatment? For many people the words “root canal” send shivers down the spine, but it doesn’t need to be a scary or painful experience. Learn how a root canal treatment can relieve your pain and how you can lessen any fears before your appointment.

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is treatment as a result of damage sustained by any of the layers of the tooth which then affects the nerve. The tooth has the outer hard white enamel, an inner softer layer known as the dentin, and in the middle soft tissue or the pulp.

The pulp tissue within the tooth is comprised of connective tissue, nerves and blood vessels. These form the nerve that is housed in the root of the tooth. Damage to any of the tooth’s layers can invite harmful bacteria to invade the canals and cause infection.

Root canal therapy removes the infected pulp tissue while cleaning the canal before properly sealing the canal and tooth.

The appointment may take an average of 30 to 60 minutes with more serious cases requiring up to 90 minutes. If a second appointment is required, the time may be shortened for the next appointment.

Tips to Prepare for a Root Canal Treatment

Understanding the root canal treatment process is one way to mentally prepare for your root canal appointment. Let’s look at a few root canal preparation tips that can help ease any fear you might be experiencing.

Get a Restful Night's Sleep

A restful night’s sleep helps the body recover from illness. This may be a hard sell for those who have an instilled fear of the dentist visit, but it is important to get a good night’s sleep before the appointment.

Eat a Healthy Meal

Like rest, a proper meal before the root canal therapy is important to ensure the body has strength from nutrients to sustain the treatment. The dentist may recommend avoiding eating or drinking shortly before and after the session.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

Use of tobacco can slow the healing/recovery time after the root canal treatment. It can also extend recovery time. Alcohol is known to cause dry mouth which can add complications. Like tobacco, alcohol use shortly after the session can delay healing.

Take Painkillers before the Treatment

The dentist may advise the use of prescription or over-the-counter painkillers before the treatment to reduce the inflammation as well as the pain. An anesthetic is given before a root canal treatment.

Discuss Aftercare with Your Dentist

Before the appointment, discuss what you can expect once the root canal treatment is completed. There may be things you can do to expediate recovery such as get rest, eat a healthy diet, and take painkillers.

Referring out to a Root Canal Specialist (Endodontist)

In some cases, your general dentist may advise you to have your root canal treatment done by a dentist specializing in root canal therapy and treatment. This may be necessary due to the complexity of the treatment.

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